My surgery scars are finally healing; however due to the surgery, massive doses of antibiotics and prolonged hospital stay my immune system is shit. I had to return to the doctor and am on more antibiotics for what they think is Strep Throat. This is honestly the most antibiotics i’ve taken in the…

Signal boost, please!


I’m sorry for not posting lately.

School is kicking my ass right now, so I have absolutely no time to make jewelry… I’m trying to be better at making time for it, but it’s just not happening at the moment.

The good news is that my 3d professor is a jeweler and metalsmith, so she’s pretty much (and doing a good job) at convincing me to major in jewelry after I’m done with foundations. It’s either that or Illustration… decisions, decisions.

But I also just finished cleaning some c1 vertebrae and foot bones, and I have tons of them, so hoping that I might make something this upcoming weekend. Plus I have porcupine quills!

I’m sorry I have low stock and can’t make anything in high volume right now.

And I think I need 20 more followers for my giveaway?

Talk to you all soon.


It’s been so long.


It’s been so long.

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Hi , I was thinking of getting started on this whole vulture culture thing and I wonder if you could give me any begginer tips. I'm curious as to how you clean the skulls , and the materials needed for the whole thing , do you bleach the bones ? treat the skin ? do I need a special knife to skin the animals ?

Hey there! Welcome to Vulture Culture!

I have an huge post about the entire process you need to go through to clean bones and other various things, which you can find HERE. Other vultures have different processes, so you can play around and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

Alongside that post, I have a video series on my YouTube channel about cleaning bones, so that new vultures, or anyone interested, can see what these actual processes look like before they get started. I haven’t uploaded anything recently, just because I haven’t been home (where my boneyard is located, I go to school away from home) to work on anything, but I can also do discussion videos if they are requested, so if you would like for me to cover something, feel free to request it!

Thanks again for your interest, I hope my references helped!

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Late night sketching.

Update from my art blog!


Late night sketching.

Update from my art blog!

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Hey, everyone!

Just thought I would let you all know that I will be doing a business presentation at GVSU’s Allendale campus in Kirkhof Center at 9pm next week Tuesday (September 30th) through GV Fashion Club. I will discuss creating a personal brand, opening a shop online and managing time while being a student, as well as other things. Room number will be announced later.

If you are in the area, I would love to meet you and have your support!

PS: I will have food for you to munch on!

The jeweler Amy Tavern is coming into town in a few weeks and is going to be teaching a workshop at my school, which I will be attending… I’m excited to see a different jewelry style than my own and hope that I can work a new creative process into my work.

With that being said, as the new semester has begun, I would like to inform all of my followers that my posts will probably be a bit scattered at the moment due to class schedules and assignments. I will try to post more frequently than I have the past few weeks as I work on some jewelry stuff throughout the semester.

Also, I will be giving my own “workshop” for my school’s fashion club and a presentation on operating an Etsy while going to school :) I may or may not record it for my professional portfolio.

Any other updates, I will let you guys know!



I’ve got quite a few things I need to sell from moving, so I think I might be opening an online shop on storenvy to sell those things… kind of like an online garage sale?

I’ve got some manga and other books, oddities, maybe some clothes. But mostly books.

Would be willing to trade for stuff?

Watch out vulture culture, I’ve got some stuff I need to sell!



If you want to laugh really hard, watch me, my twin sister and our roommate do the chubby bunny challenge.

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Mini update from my personal blog: I was just featured in my roommate’s Chubby Bunny challenge video and thought you guys might like to see it, so please watch for a good laugh and subscribe to my channel HERE!

A vulture does chubby bunny? Hope you guys like the video I was just featured in! Watch for a good laugh and remember to subscribe to my channel!

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Requests for Cleaning Bones video series!

I’m going back home this upcoming weekend and would like to get another video done for my video series on MY CHANNEL  about cleaning bones. On my channel you can view my first few videos under my Bone Cleaning playlist, as well as my many speed painting/drawing videos!

Anyone have any “cleaning bones” video suggestions or questions they would like me to answer in the next video?